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Flexible and innovative leasing options for healthcare professionals.

What We Do

Doctor's Working Space

Performance Healthcare Suites offers fully furnished rooms tailored to the needs of medical and healthcare professionals. Similar to salon lofts or coworking spaces, our suites provide the flexibility of short-term leasing without the burdensome overhead of traditional office arrangements. Whether you're a physician, therapist, or any other healthcare practitioner, our suites offer a professional and convenient environment to conduct your practice, complete with essential amenities and a supportive community of like-minded professionals. Experience the freedom to focus on your patients without worrying about the logistics of setting up and maintaining your workspace.

Who We Serve

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New Professionals

Any healthcare professional starting or expanding their practice, prioritizing flexibility and cost-effectiveness, with an eye on future growth.

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Established Professionals

An established practitioner seeking convenient and affordable office space solutions to serve new areas or demographics. We also serve practitioners looking to optimize their current practice, whether by downsizing or streamlining operations, without compromising on professionalism or quality.

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Telehealth Professionals

A healthcare provider adapting to evolving patient needs, such as telehealth integration, while still requiring occasional in-person consultations. At Performance Healthcare Suites, we cater to a diverse range of practitioner needs, providing tailored solutions to support their professional endeavors.

Our Main ​goal

Performance Healthcare Suites caters to medical and wellness practitioners seeking flexible and cost-effective office space solutions. We understand the challenges faced by professionals dealing with traditional leasing options and offer a more suitable alternative. Our clientele includes a diverse range of healthcare specialists, such as surgeons, primary care physicians, allergists, dermatologists, podiatrists, and naturopathic physicians, who require tailored space solutions to meet their varying needs.

Medical Documents

Driven by the needs of practitioners valuing flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and professional image projection, Performance Healthcare Suites is committed to providing innovative medical office solutions. Our fully furnished and equipped rooms are designed to accommodate professionals looking for limited space options while providing access to shared medical resources. Whether starting, growing, scaling down, or simplifying their practices, our clients benefit from a range of amenities without the constraints of long-term lease commitments.

Our Practice

Furnished Rooms

Furnished Rooms

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healthcare SUITES

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